My name is Chantal. A mother of three sprouts, a Leo son Jackson and Gemini twins Indigo + Novalie.  


I never thought becoming a mother could change me the way it has, it has inspired me to capture the joys in the beautiful little moments.

I don't want to live my life specializing in one thing.
I want to learn, evolve, inspire & empower. I want to be a bright light in a sometimes dark world. 
Photography is just one of the ways I shine my light for others.



It is so important that I provide you with me

I am okay at a lot of things but there are two things I excel in;

Inspiring you

Capturing your love, connection and beauty

Giving myself to you means giving you my all - my whole heart, it means giving you my gentle, calm and patient loving self. I also offer you my art and my skills, my ability to connect with you so beautifully that you will barely notice the camera at all. Finally, I will provide you with what I believe to be the best and most truthful photographs of you and your family - photographs that don't just capture a memory but implant into your soul and nourish you infinitely.

Through the medium of photography, I love capturing moments of motherhood and family in a natural yet documentary style that tells a story. I relish in capturing the beautiful, raw, honest moments that make our lives filled with happiness.

Heartfelt and soulful, I see my images as works of art - each one taken with thought and purpose. Each one holding a part of me within it, I pride myself on creating uniquely personal images for my clients - moments in time which will be treasured for generations. I hope my images become your keepsakes.

I will guide you, I will love you, I will empower you, I will make you feel beautiful + supported.

I will find the most beautiful light in the most perfect location, I will collect precious moments for you.

Do your values, artistic appreciation and understanding align with Chantal's in a way that we can work together towards the same goal - to create magic + beauty + produce photographs that tell a story and celebrate all aspects of life?

If the answer to this question is YES! LETS DO THIS! Then let's get started . . .



"Here at The Natural Parent Magazine, we absolutely love the photography of Bloom and Blossom with Chantal. She combines the natural beauty of pregnant mamas, babies and children, with natural spaces as the location for her shoots. This is something unique that fits really well with our own values and ethos as lovers of nature and following our natural instincts when it comes to parenting. Her subjects also always look so relaxed and surrounded by colour – just beautiful." - The Natural Parent Magazine

"Chantal did an amazing job at capturing the raw emotion & honesty of the birth of our daughter. When ever I look at the pictures it brings me to tears. We are so glad we have these pictures now forever." - Tami

"Oh my goodness Chantal - you have totally captured the exact nature, fairy, wonder glow that I was hoping you would!! At 36 weeks pregnant it can be hart to feet as light and relaxed as I did! How in heavens name am I going to choose from the amazing photos you took?" - Kate

"Chantal was amazballs!! Was a bit nervous as I'd never met her before and feeding my son in front of a stranger, but I so shouldn't have been. I was instantly at ease around her, and I didn't feel rushed with a ' time limit' when my son wasn't feeding. And when he did feed - although it wasn't for long at all - she got amazing shots! All whilst wearing one of her little one. One very happy Mama here, thank you." - Alisha  

"Thanks Chantal for capturing such precious moments of me and bubs. I felt so calm and relaxed during the session and was really impressed with how easy you made it and how quickly you provided the images after the shoot. I recommend others to come to Bloom & Blossom to create and preserve your special memories." - Alana

"What a lovely relaxed shoot with Chantal. This being my third pregnancy & first time finding out sex which is my first girl, I thought a feminine flower crown session would be fitting. I felt completely relaxed & safe in the hands of Chantal. I would highly recommend her to any pregnant mama wanting natural beautiful photos." - Wendy

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